Conditions of Membership

  1. To actively support the Mission, Goals and Objectives of the Canada West Ski Areas Association.
  2. To promptly pay membership dues and other fees legitimately assessed by the Association.
  3. To support and honour the CWSAA Racer Pass Program. 
  4. To report the following information, when requested by CWSAA, to establish the size and growth of the industry:

    • Number of employees (full-time and part-time).
    • Skier visits, including season pass usage.
    • Number and type of all lifts with length, vertical and capacity.
    • Number of skiable acres in the area.

  5. To comply with laws and regulations set forth by government agencies concering with the ski industry.

  6. Regular Members must be actively engaged in operating or building a ski area. 

Snow Exchange

Ski Industry Job Postings Red


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