Membership Information


CWSAA is a not-for-profit trade association that represents the ski areas of Western Canada.  CWSAA was founded in 1967 and incorporated in 1973, under the Canada Corporations Act.  Regular Membership is open to all ski resorts, day areas and helicopter / cat ski operators.   Associate Membership is available to suppliers to the snowsports industry.  

Benefits of Membership

1.  CWSAA accepts responsibility for representing all of its Regular & Associate Members when dealing with federal and provincial governments and other government agencies. The aim of the Association is to ensure that the interests of its members are safeguarded and promoted. 

2.  CWSAA Members are able to attend the following functions, which provide excellent opportunities to network with fellow members to exchange information, ideas and best practices.

  • Spring Conference, Trade Show and Operations & Maintenance Seminar.
  • Fall Zone Meetings (BC-Yukon and Alberta / Saskatchewan / Manitoba).
  • Other CWSAA functions (e.g. Educational Trips to Europe and the USA).

3.  CWSAA Members are entitled to receive free Safety Signage from the Association (members pay shipping costs only).

4.  CWSAA Members are entitled to run free advertising in the CWSAA Newsletter and on the CWSAA Snow Exchange (employment and equipment ads on the CWSAA web-site).

5.   CWSAA Members receive a copy of the CWSAA Membership List, which provides contact information for all CWSAA Members.

6.  CWSAA Members are provided with access the Members only section of the CWSAA Web-site, which includes a wealth of information relevant to the Ski Industry (e.g. Waiver Program documents, Conference Presentations)

7.  CWSAA Small Ski Areas have the added benefit of being able to apply for financial assistance from the Small Areas Assistance Fund: